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Tottering Towers

1 9 7 1 – 1 9 7 2 (UK)
13 x 25 minute episodes

The friendly 43rd Duke of Tottering, a certain Clarence Emsworth Archibald Montmorency Maltravers (William Mervyn), resides in Tottering Towers – a somewhat crumbling mansion that he clings to as his everlasting heritage.

The lovable old Duke potters around dreaming up weird and wonderful inventions; a fully-automated suit of armour, for example, equipped with a speaking device acts as footman within the front doors.

An ex-boffin – he did war service with WOOSI (Weapons Of Odd Strategic Ingenuity) and CRACPOTS (Council for Research And Coordination of Potential Objectives Tactically Suitable).

Gabbige the butler (David Stoll) and housekeeper Mrs Daisy Pouncer (Avis Landon) are the Duke’s long-suffering ‘retainers’. The resident country bobby, PC Poppy (David Lodge) has an eye for Mrs Pounder and her cooking.

Mrs Pouncer’s nephew, Dick (Tom Owen, pictured above right), acts as a sort of handyman around Tottering Towers, although maintaining some of the Duke’s inventions proves to be a trifle bewildering for him (such as the car that apparently lays eggs).

Daffy (Stacey Gregg, pictured above left) – more properly Daffodil Primrose O’Kelly – is a distant relative of the Duke’s who has come over from America.

There was also a resident ghost called Marmaduke (Robert Gillespie) in the house.

The house used in the Thames series was an old people’s home at Pax Hill (Paxhill Park), near Lindfield in Sussex. Producer Adrian Cooper lived nearby and spotted the home.

Duke of Tottering (Clarence Emsworth Archibald Montmorency Maltravers)
William Mervyn
Mrs Daisy Pouncer
Avice Landone
David Stoll
PC Poppy
David Lodge
Tom Owen
Daffy (Daffodil Primrose O’Kelly)
Stacey Gregg
‘Soapy’ Cyril
Tim Barrett
Robert Gillespie
Leon Lissek
‘Fingers’ Fish
John Louis Mansi
Magda Miller
Miss Twitty
Patsy Rowlands
Prayer-book Perce
Talfryn Thomas
Hairy O’Hara
Harry Towb
Benny the Nose
Vic Wise