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Touch and Go

1 9 7 8 (UK)
5 x 30 minute episodes

When teenager Emily (Maxine Gordon) finds herself spending a night in hospital after a minor car accident she inadvertently stumbles across a room where she sees a dead woman with a strange man leaning over the body.

Emily’s peaceful country holiday soon becomes a nightmare and the foggy coastline of craggy Drumincombe is suddenly fraught with danger as she and Charles (David Parfitt) – a boy she meets at her hotel – find themselves being watched from all sides.

The coastal setting is pure Famous Five territory, but the smuggling taking place here is just a small part of a bigger plan by a right-wing pressure group called ‘The Dedicated few’ – including well-dressed superbitch Charmaine (Sandy Ratcliff) – to blow up a visiting African delegation.

The kids can’t convince the authorities of the danger (naturally) and so have to go it alone to solve the mystery. Along the way they find what they think is welcome help, only to discover they’ve walked into the villains’ lair.

Trussed up, they manage to escape and set off in a race against time to stop the bomb attack on the Naval College.

Maxine Gordon
David Parfitt
Aubrey Morris
Sandy Ratcliff
Shane Briant
Mr Denman
Nigel Lambert
Emily’s mother
Anne Cunningham
Mrs Meighan
Jane Freeman
Mrs Coles
Peggy Ann Clifford