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Touch of Grace, A

1 9 7 3 (USA)
22 x 30 minute episodes

This remake of the British sitcom For the Love of Ada starred Shirley Booth (of Hazel fame) as 65-year-old widow Grace Simpson – a perky youngster at heart – and ran for 22 episodes on ABC from January to June 1973.


J Patrick O’Malley co-starred as widowed 70-year-old gravedigger Herbert Morrison.

Herbert and Grace met and fell in love when Grace was tending her departed husband’s grave. Stories told of their courtship and eventual marriage.

Grace, a member of the Over 60s Club, lived with her married daughter, Myra Bradley (Marian Mercer), and Myra’s husband, Walter (‘Wally’) Bradley (Warren Berlinger) – a pair of conservative “squares” older than their years – at 103 Court Street.

Myra felt that Herbert was just not right for her mother and objected to their relationship. Wally (Warren Berlinger) – the manager of the Penny Mart Supermarket – on the other hand, felt that Grace and Herbert were good for each other.

Had the series been renewed, it would have continued to focus on the lives of the elderly married couple.

Grace Simpson
Shirley Booth 
Herbert Morrison 

J. Pat O’Malley 
Myra Bradley 

Marian Mercer 
Walter ‘Wally’ Bradley 

Warren Berlinger