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1 9 7 9 (USA)
7 x 30 minute episodes

Tough sportswriter Sam Alston (John Schuck) and his cosmetics exec wife Penny (Sharon Gless) found themselves inhabiting each other’s bodies thanks to a magic Buddha-like statue.

They tried to keep the switch a secret and lived each other’s life – inciting confusion for his boss, the gruff Al Brennan (Bruce Kirby) and her boss, Geoffrey St. James (James Sikking) – while trying to discover the secret of the statue so they could switch back to normal.

The Alston’s neighbours and friends – Jack (Richard Stahl) and Judy (Bobbi Jordan) Overmeyer – were equally confused by the noticeable changes. Suddenly Penny knew a lot about sports and poker, and Sam knew a lot about fashion, make-up, and cooking.

Comedy ensued when Penny had to shave in the morning (and was covered in tissue paper afterwards) and Sam put on way too much lipstick, couldn’t walk around in high-heel shoes, and feared he was pregnant.

She also now smoked cigars and he broke down in tears a lot.

This fantasy comedy series from NBC – based on a controversial 1940 movie of the same name – was short-lived

Sam Alston
John Schuck
Penny Alston
Sharon Gless
Jack Overmeyer
Richard Stahl
Judy Overmeyer
Bobbi Jordan
Al Brennan
Bruce Kirby
Geoffrey St. James
James Sikking