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Two D’s and a Dog

1 9 7 0 (UK)
6 x 30 minute episodes

Dotty Charles (Denise Coffey) is a lady of leisure – until her father dies, leaving her broke.

She has only one friend, Dingle Bell (David Jason) – who had been her father’s chauffeur but couldn’t drive – apart from Fido Dog, her Old English Sheepdog.

Now Dotty must go in search of employment – any employment. Dingle is meant to keep Dotty out of trouble but being a friendly sort of idiot himself he doesn’t have much luck.

Our hero and heroine encounter some extraordinary characters in their quest for work, such as the sinister Mr Foggitt (Bill Fraser) who employs the ‘two D’s and a dog’ as ghost hunters (and later in the series as butler and cook for a dinner party). At one point (in ‘Military Pickles’) they even take on the entire British Army.

Other guest stars over the six episodes included Joe Dunlop, Norman Vaughan, Frank Thornton, Miriam Karlin, Patricia Hayes, Rupert Davies, Gerald Flood and Angela Douglas.

The Thames Television series debuted at 5.20 pm on Friday 10 July 1970. Coffey and Jason had previously starred together as Captain Fantastic and Mrs Black in the award-winning Do Not Adjust Your Set.

Dotty Charles
Denise Coffey
Dingle Bell
David Jason
Fido Dog


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