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Two People

1 9 7 9 (UK)
6 x 60 minute episodes

Christine Fletcher (Gerry Cowper, pictured above) and Tim Moffat (Stephen Garlick) were the underage lovers at the centre of this dramatic Saturday night series from London Weekend Television which debuted on 4 November 1979.

Chris and Tim attended the same comprehensive school in London. She was being groomed for university while he was a budding artist who flopped with his GCEs. Her parents were solid and respectable while his parents had split up.

Their clandestine relationship grows into a full-scale love affair and the teenage couple eventually run away together and luxuriate in unhassled bliss until her parents call the police. On the run, they fetch up at his estranged mother’s place for shelter where her frank attitude to sex proves yet another adult embarrassment for the young pair.

In the final episode (Back To Earth), Chris and Tim return home to distressed parents, friends and teachers.

The Independent Broadcasting Authority ordered that episodes be screened after 10 pm due to the sensitivity around underage sex (the characters were 15) thus depriving the age group for which it was intended from actually seeing it in most cases.

Christine Fletcher
Gerry Cowper
Tim Moffat
Stephen Garlick
John Moffat
Ray Brooks
Emma Moffat
Charlotte Coleman
Len Fletcher
David Daker
Piers Moffat
Steven O’Shea
Paula Moffat
Veronica Strong
Jean Fletcher
Bridget Turner
David Bradley
Miss Rowles
Margery Mason
Hubert Rees
Mr Aston
Christopher Burgess
Kim Clifford
Michael Deeks
Mr King
Denis DeMarne
Sylvestra Le Touzel
Mr Marshall
Richardson Morgan
Peggy Fletcher
Sheila Raynor


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