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Two’s Company

1 9 7 5 – 1 9 7 9 (UK)
29 x 30 minute episodes

Dorothy McNab was an American authoress living in England (at 41 Closewell Square to be precise). Robert Hiller was her very traditional English butler. Cue hilarity . . .


For starters, Dorothy was one of the worst types of American – loud and rather uncouth, a cheroot-smoker with a pushy attitude, while Hiller was very much of the old school, a champion of etiquette and decorum with impeccable manners.

Whilst never a big ratings hit for LWT, Two’s Company was nevertheless popular and lasted three seasons.

The format was bought by American television and reworked as the dreadful The Two Of Us, with an utterly miscast Peter Cook in the Sinden role.

Dorothy McNab
Elaine Stritch
Robert Hiller
Donald Sinden