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Unisexers, The

1 9 7 5 (Australia)

The Unisexers was an Australian series about eleven young people who lived in a commune (in an old terrace house in Paddington, Sydney) and made their bread manufacturing jeans.

They were an interesting mix – married, single, male, female, undecided . . .

Jewish lad Benjy Lewis (Tony Sheldon) was the crack salesman and go-getter of the commune. The other cohabitants were Sally (Josie Knurr), Flick (Tina Bursill), Eustace (John Paramor), Diedre (Anne Grigg), Tinsel (Steven Tandy), Brigitte (Sonia Hoffman), Humph (Hugh Logan), Monica (Michele Fawdon), Brian (Scott Lambert) and Corny (Patrick Ward).

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The elderly owners of the house were Mr and Mrs Melody (Walter Pym and Jessica Noad) who had raised seven children and were often called on to assist the youngsters with their problems. Their middle-aged cleaning lady was Mrs Tripp (Dolore Whiteman), whose daughter had eloped to Dubbo with a truckie and now had six kids with another on the way.

Personality clashes, parental interference and adjustment to communal living formed the basis of the storylines.

The series was produced for the National Nine Network by Cash Harmon Associates (who produced the very successful Number 96) and telecast by TCN-9 Monday to Friday at 6pm.

unisexers44Felicity  (“Flick”)
Tina Bursill
Diedre Gunter-Hill
Anne Grigg
Sonia Hoffman
Humphrey ‘Humph’ Brown
Hugh Logan
Monica Parry
Michele Fawdon
Brian Parry
Scott Lambert
John Paramor
Sally Pickles
Josephine Knur
Benjy Lewis
Tony Sheldon
Julian ‘Tinsel’ Tinsley
Steven Tandy
Cornelius ‘Corny’ Hastings
Patrick Ward
Angus Melody
Walter Pym
Dora Melody
Jessica Noad
Mrs. Tripp
Dolore Whiteman
Mrs. Lewis
Toni Lamond
Mr. Lewis
Brian Moll
Reverend Gerald
Redmond Phillips