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Up The Convicts

1 9 7 6 (Australia)
4 x 60 minute episodes

Frankie Howerd, master of the lecherous leer and raised eyebrow, took a sojourn down-under for Up The Convicts, a short series of four one-hour specials for the Australian Seven Network.


Set in 1820’s Sydney, Howerd played Jeremiah Shirk, a convict who worked as a servant for Botany Bay colonists Sir Montague and Lady Fitzgibbon (Wallas Eaton and Carol Raye).

The usual double-entendres were generously sprinkled throughout the series, as were lusty and buxom wenches including Kate Fitzpatrick, Anne Lambert, Jacki Weaver and Abigail.

Frank Thring played Sergeant Bastion (a name that was good for a full five-minutes of jokes).

Jeremiah Shirk
Frankie Howerd
Sgt Bastion
Frank Thring
Sir Montague Fitzgibbon
Wallas Eaton
Lady Fitzgibbon
Carol Raye
Quinney the Garbo
Lee Young