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Upchat Connection, The

1 9 7 8 (UK)
7 x 30 minute episodes

John Alderton declined to appear in a second series of The Upchat Line so Keith Waterhouse came up with a superb ruse to keep his fictional character alive . . .

At the start of the new series – first broadcast on ITV in October 1978 –  it was revealed that the old ‘Mike’ had gone to Australia but before departing he had raffled the key to left-luggage locker number 685 at Marylebone station.


The winner inherited his prized cache of pseudonyms, his address book, all his library tickets, his second-best t-shirt and, to start proceedings, a blind date.

This brilliant concept thus ensured that all the remaining scripts could remain unaltered for, in a Doctor Who-style move, while the actor had gone the character remained the same.

Robin Nedwell duly took over the role, carrying on much as before.

Mike Upchat
Robin Nedwell

Susan Jameson


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