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Valley of the Dinosaurs

1 9 7 4 (USA)
16 x 30 minute episodes

Valley of the Dinosaurs debuted on Saturday 7 September 1974 and featured the cartoon adventures of a modern-day family stranded in a valley where dinosaurs still roam.


White-haired high school science teacher John Butler and his wife Kim were taking their two children, Katie and Greg, on a rafting trip in an uncharted river canyon (talk about responsible parenting) accompanied by the family dog, Digger.

Their boat was caught in a dangerous current and capsized in a mysterious whirlpool, depositing the Butlers in a prehistoric valley where they met caveman Gorak, his wife Gara and their two children Lok and Tana who had a pet Stegosaurus named Glump.

The two families became friends and Gorak and his family helped the Butlers in their many attempts to find a way to return home while trying to survive in the valley, where together they must contend with an angry brontosaurus, a dangerous sabertooth tiger, earthquakes and volcanoes.

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John Butler
Mike Road
Kim Butler
Shannon Farnon
Katie Butler
Kathy Gori 
Greg Butler

Jackie Earle Haley
Alan Oppenheimer
Joan Gardner
Melanie Baker
Frank Welker