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Variety Italian Style

1 9 7 3 – 1 9 8 7 (Australia)
60 minute episodes

Variety Italian Style was produced by ATV-0 (Channel 10) in Melbourne and was hosted by former top model Anne Luciano (pictured) – who was born in Czechoslovakia and moved to Australia when she was eight when her family fled the Communist takeover – and, initially, John Mahon.


Originally broadcast at Sunday lunchtime, the hour-long magazine-style show was an attempt to provide “ethnic” television for the many ‘new Australians’ who had made Australia their home.

Variety Italian Style was produced by Panorama Productions, a company which Anne Luciano and her Italian-Australian husband, Antonio (Tony), operated together

The show featured travelogues about Italian cities and film clips from European TV showcasing tremendous variety acts, often including well-endowed female Italian pop singers, mostly extremely liberated and sans brassieres.

A demographic survey conducted by the Australian National University in the early 1970s found that of 70,000 adult Italians living in the Sydney viewing area, 67,536 had watched the programme!

The series eventually moved to SBS.