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Viaduct, The

1 9 7 2 (UK)
3 x 30 minute episodes

Phil Benson (David Arnold) lives in an old house by the railway viaduct with his grandfather George (Michael Raghan) and their devoted friend Mrs Partridge (Julie May).

Almost all of the Bensons have been servants of the railway throughout the years and George harbours ambitions that Phil will become a great railway engineer like their ancestor Ebeneezer.

Ebeneezer (also played by Michael Raghan) had been a rich man, but miserly. What happened to his wealth after he died? Why is Phil’s grandfather so secretive about the attic in the house and what is it that he doesn’t want Phil to see?

Phil is trying to decide whether to go against George’s wishes and look in the attic – but the choice is taken out of his hands when George dies suddenly.

Phil’s Uncle Ern (Jeffrey Segal), a man whom George did not trust, turns up and begins to search through George’s belongings. Will he discover George’s secret and Ebeneezer’s missing money?

With the help of his new friend Andy (Adrian Hall), Phil attempts to solve the mystery of the viaduct.

Set in Deptford, South East London, this was an engaging tale of an old man’s pride in his family’s past achievements and a young boy’s desire to fulfil his grandad’s hopes.

The three-part series was originally shown as part of schools programming in 1972, before being repeated on BBC1 the following year.

Phil Benson
David Arnold
Grandad/Ebenezer Benson
Michael Raghan
Mrs Partridge
Julie May
Andy Smith
Adrian Hall
Ernest Benson
Jeffrey Segal
Lucy Benson
Margaret Wedlake
Lenny Eccles
Dempsey Cook
Mr Felix
Bill Gavin
Michelle Miller
John Vaughan