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1 9 7 2 (UK)
13 x 60 minute episodes

This crime drama series from LWT followed the linked fates of nine bank robbers, led by George (David Daker), from the moment of their dramatic escape from custody while they are being driven from prison (where they are serving 12-years) to the Appeal Court.

The episodes presented the individual backstories of the men told from the point of view of the criminals themselves, their accomplices, and their women, with flashbacks to the audacious heist – known as “the bog robbery”.

The nine men hid in a disused ladies’ lavatory and sealed themselves in for the weekend. Then they tunnelled their way up through the floor of a nearby City bank and walked out clutching a third of a million pounds between them.

Bob Hoskins, Martin Shaw, Colin Farrell and Paul Eddington also starred.

George Squires
David Daker
Bill Whittaker
William Marlowe
Bernie Owens
Tom Adams
Monty Parkin
Martin Shaw
‘Smudger’ Smedley
Jim Norton
Hilary Heath
Terence ‘Tel’ Bolden
Alun Armstrong
Peter Glazebrook 
Michael Culver
Mike Smith
Patrick Durkin
Charles ‘Knocker’ Grindley
Bob Hoskins
Mary Healey
Arnold Hepton
Bryan Marshall
Gwyneth Powell
Harvey Percival
Paul Eddington
James Patten
Colin Farrell
Shirley Coombs
Cheryl Hall
Helen Griggs
Barbara Leigh-Hunt
Mrs Glazebrook
Noel Hood
Dr Glazebrook
John Welsh
Pam Scotcher
Timothy West
Julie Owens
Marjorie Yates
Det. Insp. Rawlings
John Franklyn-Robbins
Brian Hall
Valerie Holliman
Mrs Jackson
Anna Barry
David Burke
Aubrey Richards
Mr Clough
Clive Swift
Mr Lillicoe
Michael Turner
Aunt Truey
Rosamund Greenwood
Patricia Quinn