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9 x 60 minute episodes

Any resemblance between NBC’s W.E.B. and the movie Network (1976) was purely intentional. NBC took the basic theme of the movie – the inner workings of a television network – and turned it into a melodrama with soap opera overtones.

web1The principal star of the series was Pamela Bellwood, playing Ellen Cunningham, the head of special events programming for the Trans-Atlantic Broadcasting network.

Supporting Bellwood were Richard Baseheart as an alcoholic newsman, Alex Cord as depraved head of primetime programming, Andrew Prine as the spineless commercial sales chief, Howard Witt as the able head of network operations and Lee Wilkof as a numbers-happy ratings analyst.

W.E.B attempted to let the viewer in on the behind-the-scenes of how and what is put on television, taking the viewer inside the executive suites, meeting rooms, private dining rooms, screening rooms, barrooms and bedrooms where network affairs (and other kinds) were conducted.

Unfortunately, the show never found an audience and was cancelled quickly.

Ellen Cunningham
Pamela Bellwood
Gus Dunlap
Richard Basehart
Jack Kiley
Alex Cord
Dan Costello
Andrew Prine
Walter Matthews
Howard Witt
Harvey Pearlstein
Lee Wilkof
Christine Nichols
Tisch Raye
Peter Coffield