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We’ve Got Each Other

1 9 7 7 (USA)
13 x 30 minute episodes

Stuart Hibbard (Oliver Clark) worked at home as a copywriter for the ‘Herman Gutman Mail Order Catalogue’ (which was full of useless gadgets and knickknacks) and did the cooking and cleaning while his wife Judy (Beverly Archer) commuted to Los Angeles and went to work with many whackos at the photography studio of Damon Jerome (Tom Poston).

Mr Jerome was a great photographer but very absent-minded when it came to other areas of the business.

wevegoteachother6Swimming pool contractor Ken Redford (Martin Kove) lived next door and drove Stuart crazy while Dee Dee Baldwin (Joan Van Ark), the egocentric top model at the photography studio, drove Judy crazy.

Donna (Renn Woods) was the secretary at the studio.

Despite coming from the people behind the Mary Tyler Moore Show the show was feeble and was cancelled after only three months. Even Gloria Steinem wouldn’t watch this.

Judy Hibbard
Beverly Archer
Stuart Hibbard
Oliver Clark
Damon Jerome
Tom Poston
Dee Dee Baldwin
Joan Van Ark
Renn Woods
Ken Redford
Martin Kove