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Will the Real Jerry Lewis Please Sit Down

1 9 7 0 – 1 9 7 2 (USA)
18 x 30 minute episodes

This animated half-hour kiddie’s show from Filmation, aimed at Saturday mornings, depicted painfully shy and fumbling comedian Jerry Lewis working for the Odd Job Employment Agency.

Many of the comic movie characters created by and made famous by Lewis featured in the ABC series.

The comedian was asked to do the voices for his character but demurred. “I can’t do those characters any more,” he told the animators. “I’m 44 and my voice has dropped three octaves in four years”.

And so the voice of Jerry and all his characters was provided by David L Lander.

Rhonda (voiced by June Foray) was Jerry’s girlfriend, Mr Blunderpuss (Howard Morris) was his boss and Geraldine (June Foray) was his sister. Spot was Geraldine’s pet frog.

Jerry Lewis
David L. Lander
Geraldine Lewis
June Foray
June Foray
Mr Blunderpuss
Howard Morris