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1 9 7 6 (UK)

Chaps in sheepskin jackets featured in this BBC drama about First World War flying aces.

As hard as Tim Woodward, Nicholas Jones and Michael Cochrane tries, this wasn’t a dashed good show, although the planes – models of Bleriot Experimentals and other historic flying machines doing studio simulated aerobatics – were pretty enough.

Tim’s Alan Farmer (all short back and sides and Pam Ayres accent) didn’t endear himself to the producers when he spent his first Wings cheques on a pair of motorbikes, crashed driving one and broke a leg.

He was ordered not to ride again, and the injury had to be written in – blamed on the Hun, he was shot in the leg in action over France, old bean!

Alan Farmer
Tim Woodward 
Charles Gaylion

Michael Cochrane 
Richard Bravington

David Troughton 
Captain Triggers

Nicholas Jones 
Michael Starling

Michael Jayes 
Molly Farmer

Anne Kristen 
Lorna Collins

Sarah Porter 
Harry Farmer

John Hallam 

Celia Bannerman 

Reg Lye