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Wonder Woman

1 9 7 6 – 1 9 7 9 (USA)
1 x 120 minute episode
1 x 80 minute episode
13 x 60 minute episodes
45 x 45 minute episodes

She’s Five foot nine and worth the climb! The most gorgeous woman on the face of the Earth – and she even has her own uniform …

While intercepting a Nazi saboteur, US Air Corps Major Steve Trevor is shot down and washes up on Paradise Island, home of the immortal Amazons.


The queen of the Amazons arranges a tournament to decide who will escort him back to America but forbids her daughter Diana to enter. In disguise, Diana competes anyway and emerges victorious.

As Wonder Woman she travels to “man’s world” with Steve Trevor to fight continued Nazi threats.

After discovering that she needs money in order to survive, Wonder Woman allows herself to be exploited by talent agent Ashley Norman.

Meanwhile, Steve’s secretary Marcia has secretly been spying for the Nazis (along with Ashley Norman) as they plot to destroy the top-secret U.S. Nordon Bomb Site.

Wonder Woman is able to unravel their plot and intercept the Nazi bomber before rescuing the kidnapped Major Trevor.

To hide her true identity and stay close to Steve she becomes Diana Prince, Yeoman US Navy, a bespectacled and straight-laced secretary.

Wonder Woman was brought to life by an educational consultant who believed the comic world was dominated by male heroes. So the woman known for her magic lasso, enchanted bullet-proof bracelets and invisible jet was born.

With real Amazonian training, Wonder Woman’s mission was not to stop criminals but to actually reform them.

Lynda Carter, a former beauty queen and Miss USA 1973, made the best of her not inconsiderable talents to play the Amazon princess with a neat line in patriotic garb and a bundle of super-powers.

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Our heroine was regularly called upon to adopt the mantle of her alter-ego to defend the country from mad scientists and foreign agents.

Wonder Woman was a total woman – albeit one who had gold bracelets to fend off bullets, a magic lasso and an invisible plane . . .

A couple of quick twirls transformed dowdy Diana into the wonder babe, ready to save the world in her highly practical uniform of star-spangled knickers and kinky boots!

The initial season of Wonder Woman was produced by ABC (USA) and was set in WWII.

In 1977 the show moved to the CBS network and the action moved to the present day although continuity had been maintained (Wonder Woman aged at a much slower rate than mere mortals) and she was working with Steve Trevor’s son Steve Trevor Jnr.

The duo worked for the Inter-Agency Defense Command (IADC). The agency also had a supercomputer called “IRA”.

Future Hollywood star Debra Winger received her career break in 1976 as Wonder Woman’s younger sister, Drusilla, the Wonder Girl.

In Britain, the second series was broadcast first, with the debut series not receiving an airing until the early 90s by Sky1. In the US, the second series was aired as The New Adventures of Wonder Woman.

Diana Prince/Wonder Woman 
Lynda Carter
Capt Steve Trevor/Steve Trevor Jr

Lyle Waggoner
Amazon Queen 

Cloris Leachman (1)
Beatrice Straight (2)

Stella Stevens

Red Buttons
General Phillip Blankenship 

John Randolph
Corporal Etta Candy 

Beatrice Colen
Joe Atkinson 

Normann Burton

Saundra Sharp
Drusilla/Wonder Girl
Debra Winger
Voice of IRA (IADC Computer) 

Tom Kratochzil