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Yanks Go Home

1 9 7 6 (UK)
13 x 30 minute episodes

This comedy set in an American air force base in Lancashire during the Second World War offered nothing more than cheap stereotypes, but nobody seemed to care enough to complain.

Each episode had a different writer so the characterisations were somewhat inconsistent, and the obvious canned laughter did not help either.

Phoebe Sankey
Meg Johnson 
Sgt. Gus Pulaski 

Bruce Boa 
Cpl. Vince Rossi 

Stuart Damon
Doreen Sankey 

Catherine Neilson
Harry Duckworth 

David Ross
Bert Pickup 

Harry Markham
Cpl. Pasquale 

Freddie Earlle 
Col. Ralph Kruger 

Alan MacNaughton
Col. Irving 

Lionel Murton
Leonard Chambers 

Norman Bird
Pfc. Burford Puckett 

Richard Oldfield
Pvt. Floyd Tutt 

Jay Benedict


Series 1
Somewhere in England | Off Limits | Dear John | Open Day | Brooklyn’s Uncle | Rossi Keeps His Cool | The Liaison Committee

Series 2
Cooke-Cooke | The Name of the Game | Bed of Roses | Alarm and Despondency | Some of our Coal is Missing | The First of the GI Brides