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Yes, Honestly

1 9 7 6 – 1 9 7 7 (UK)
26 x 30 minute episodes

Yes, Honestly was an obvious sequel to No, Honestly, although the lead names and actors changed and there was no direct storyline continuity.

In that original series, John Alderton and Pauline Collins had starred as husband and wife Charles and Clara Danby. Here, Donal Donnelly and Liza Goddard were husband and wife Matthew and Lily Browne.

Again, the episodes followed the course of the relationship, from first meeting – when unsuccessful music composer Matthew (affectionately known as Matt), who has little if any time for women, hires Lily Pond (a beautiful witty woman of Russian ancestry) as his typist – through to marriage.

There were two series in total. Georgie Fame wrote and sang the theme tune for the first, also turning up in two episodes – Once as pop singer Clive Powell (his real name) and later as himself.

As she had done so successfully for No, Honestly, Lynsey de Paul wrote and performed the theme music for the second series.


Matthew Browne 
Donal Donnelly
Lily Pond/Browne 

Liza Goddard
Mrs Pond 

Eve Pearce (1)
Irene Hamilton (2)

Beatrix Lehmann

Georgina Melville
Mr Krocski 

Dudley Jones