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Yogi’s Space Race

1 9 7 8 – 1 9 7 9 (USA)
13 x 90 minute episodes

Yogi Bear and his pals left Jellystone National
Park to become astronauts and match wits with Phantom Phink as they raced around the galaxy in this animated series which premiered in the US on 9 September 1978.


Yogi teamed up with a new friend, Scare Bear, and stories related their adventures as they competed against other Hanna-Barbera characters in various intergalactic races for prizes.

Each 90-minute production featured three other segments: Galaxy Goof-Ups featuring Yogi Bear, Scare Bear, Huckleberry Hound and Quack-Up as four intergalactic police officers; The Buford Files starring sleepy bloodhound Buford who solves mysteries in Fenokee County with two teenagers, Cindy Mae and Woody; and The Galloping Ghost featuring a ghost miner called Nugget Nose who is guardian to Wendy and Rita at the Fuddy Dude Ranch.

Yogi Bear
Daws Butler
Scare Bear
Joe Besser
Frank Welker
Huckleberry Hound
Daws Butler
Captain Good
Frank Welker
Captain Snerdley
John Stephenson
Kleen Cat
Frank Welker
Phantom Phink
Frank Welker
Frank Welker
Sheriff Muletrain
Henry Corden
Deputy Goofer McGee
Roger Peltz
Mel Blanc
Frank Welker
Cindy Mae
Pat Parris
Dave Landsburg
Nugget Nose
Frank Welker
Marilyn Schreffler
Pat Parris
Gary Owens