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You’re Only Young Twice

1 9 7 7 – 1 9 7 9 (UK)
1 9 8 1 (UK)
31 x 30 minute episodes

The setting in this comedy series from Yorkshire Television was Paradise Lodge, ‘superior residence for retired gentlefolk’, a large detached house – proprietress Miss Milton (Charmian May) – wherein lived four women of independent means: Ageing film actress, Dolly (Lally Bowers); motorbike-riding Mildred (Diana King); dotty Cissie (Pat Coombs); and the irascible Flora.

This last-named character was the clear star of the show, affording yet one more battleaxe role for the redoubtable Peggy Mount.

Always complaining, ever dominant, Flora sported a hairstyle to match her severe character and was more than a match for anyone, most especially Cissie, over whom she lorded life from the first episode to the last.

Mount and Pat Coombs had previously worked together in the ITV comedy series Lollipop Loves Mr Mole and, in 1984, after You’re Only Young Twice, reunited for a single-episode TV sitcom It’s Never Too Late.

Flora Petty
Peggy Mount
Cissie Lupin

Pat Coombs
Dolly Love

Lally Bowers
Miss Milton

Charmian May
Mildred Fanshaw

Diana King
Miss Finch (‘Finchy’)

Georgina Moon

Johnny Wade