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Yus My Dear

1 9 7 6 (UK)
19 x 30 minute episodes

In this sequel to Romany Jones Wally (Arthur Mullard) and Lily (Queenie Watts) Briggs have “gorn up in the world” from a gypsy caravan site to a council house.

Wally has also suddenly grown an adult brother, Benny (Mike Reid), whose attributes include staying on the dole and a seemingly pathological urge to sponge off his big bruvver, to the point where he too – much to the chagrin of Lily – moves into the council house.

In the first series, Benny has a girlfriend, the blowsy Molly (Valerie Walsh), to whom he becomes engaged, but the relationship falters in the second series. Wally is earning a fair wage from his bricklaying job but he doesn’t need much persuading from his sibling to enjoy a flutter on the dogs.

The part of Benny was the first ‘acting’ role (beyond a couple of non-speaking parts in ITC drama The Champions) for cockney comic Mike Reid, from The Comedians – A career path that would ultimately lead to his portrayal of Frank Butcher in EastEnders.

To be blunt, Yus My Dear was even worse than Romany Jones and must rank as one of the most excruciating sitcoms of all time, a real black-spot on Wolfe and Chesney’s CV.

Blessed are those who spent all of 1976 out of the country!

Wally Briggs 
Arthur Mullard
Lily Briggs

Queenie Watts
Benny Briggs

Mike Reid

Valerie Walsh