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9 To 5

1 9 8 2 – 1 9 8 3 (USA)
1 9 8 6 – 1 9 8 8 (USA)
85 x 30 minute episodes

Based on characters created by Patricia Resnick for the 1980 motion picture of the same name, the ABC comedy series followed three secretaries, Doralee, Judy and Violet, as they waged office warfare (while trying not to jeopardise their careers) against their obnoxious boss, Mr Hart, and his equally obnoxious sidekick, Roz.

The girls originally worked for Consolidated Companies in Cleveland, Ohio which eventually became American Household products in New York.

ABC cancelled the show during season two, but it was picked up for syndication by TCF nearly three years later. This time the girls were working for a company called Barkley Foods International.


Violet Newstead 
Rita Moreno
Judy Bernly 

Valerie Curtin
Doralee Rhodes Brooks 

Rachel Dennison
Franklin Hart (1) 

Jeffrey Tambor
Franklin Hart (2) 

Peter Bonerz
Roz Keith 

Jean Marsh
Harry Nussbaum 

Herb Edelman

Ann Weldon
Michael Henderson 

George Deloy
Linda Bowman 

Leah Ayres

Tony Latorra
Marsha McMurray Shrimpton
Sally Struthers
William “Bud” Coleman 
Edward Winter
Charmin Cunningham 

Dorian Lopinto
Russ Merman 

Peter Evans

Art Evans

James Martinez
E. Nelson Felb 

Fred Applegate