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Aaron’s Way

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13 x episodes

Aaron Miller was a strict, bearded Amish father who uprooted his tight-knit family from Pennsylvania and moved to California when his eldest son, Noah, died there.

Noah Miller had forsaken his Amish ways and when he perished in a surfing accident, he left behind a pregnant girlfriend, Susannah (Kathleen York,) with a vineyard she couldn’t manage alone. So the Millers moved in to help.


Stories revolved around the Millers’ culture shock as they adjusted to California ways while trying to retain their deep-rooted moral values.

Conservative Aaron (former LA Ram Merlin Olsen) always seemed to clash with free-spirited Susannah and her sharp-tongued mother, Connie (Jessica Walter), who ran the local beauty shop.

Susannah’s teenaged brother Mickey (Christopher Gartin) had eyes for Aaron’s daughter, Roseanne (Samantha Mathis).

It seems that Olsen had already played out all his pious appeal on Little House on the Prairie and Father Murphy as Aaron’s Way debuted on NBC in March 1988 and vanished three short months later.

Aaron Miller 
Merlin Olsen
Sarah Miller
Belinda Montgomery
Roseanne Miller
Samantha Mathis
Martha Miller
Erin Chase
Frank Miller
Scott Curtis
Susannah Lo Verde
Kathleen York
Connie Lo Verde
Jessica Walter
Mickey Lo Verde
Christopher Gartin
Mr Benvenuto
Pierrino Mascarino


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