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1 9 8 6 – 1 9 8 9 (Canada)
43 x 60 minute episodes

This CBS action-adventure series was produced in Toronto and featured Winston Rekert as secret agent V.H. Adderly.

Adderly had been a top operative of the Department of International Security and Intelligence (ISI) until he lost the use of his left hand while being tortured by enemy agents.

In order to keep him on the payroll, his superior, Major Clack (Ken Pogue), assigned him to work for the department of “Miscellaneous Affairs” which usually got involved with minor and harmless diplomatic assignments.

Adderly’s new boss was a petty bureaucrat named Greenspan (Jonathan Welsh) who had no desire to rock the boat and was exasperated by Adderly’s predilection for making real cases out of seemingly mundane – and often nonsensical – assignments.

Greenspan’s secretary, Mona (Dixie Seatle) – who had a crush on Adderly – was more than willing to bypass normal channels and procedures to help him, despite the complaints from her boss.

V.H. Adderly
Winston Rekert 
Melville Greenspan 

Jonathan Welsh
Mona Ellerby

Dixie Seatle
Maj. Jonathan B. Clack 

Ken Pogue