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Alias the Jester

1 9 8 5 (UK)
13 x 10 minute episodes

Produced by Cosgrove Hall (creators of Danger Mouse and Count Duckula), this BAFTA award-winning animated series followed the exploits of Alias, a diminutive space traveller who unexpectedly lands in the magical kingdom of Houghton Bottom in medieval England after his rocket ship malfunctions.

Alias becomes court jester to the irascible King Arthur (Brian Trueman) and, together with his trusty companion, Boswell the telepathic green dog (Jimmy Hibbert), and his new friend Meredith the befuddled court magician (Brian Wilde), his adventures begin.

The intrepid team take on a slimy monster known as the Black Najjer, attempt to rescue Princess Amaranth from the Beast, and deal with an airship full of Vikings.

Richard Briers provided the voice of Alias.

Alias The Jester also appeared as a comic strip in Look-In magazine.

Richard Briers
Brian Wilde
King Arthur
Brian Trueman
Jimmy Hibbert
Princess Amaranth
Myfanwy Talog


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