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All Electric Amusement Arcade, The

1 9 8 3 (UK)
7 x 30 minute episodes

In order to combat the boredom of life in her dull seaside hometown, 15-year-old Bella Harper (Lorraine Brunning) strikes a deal with Mr Thomsett (Gordon Gostelow) – the eccentric owner of a rundown amusement arcade who plays war games all day.

She offers to carry out all the renovation work needed and then run the arcade as a meeting place for local teenagers, in return for a share of the profits.

The action centres around the arcade, where she hopes to earn enough money for a ticket to Hollywood to become a film star.

In the meantime, Bella meets up with – and eventually becomes the manager of – a young local pop group called Electric Arc.

Meanwhile, at home, Bella has to deal with her myopic brother, Perry – short for Peregrine (Alan Bowyer), mother Susan (Janet Dale) who announces that she intends to abandon ship, father Robert (David Collings) who, when not togged out in hippy gear, is obsessively irritated by the fate of a missing pencil, and Gran (Liz Smith) who is deaf as a post and spouts Karl Marx over the dinner table.

This Thames Television production debuted on 14 September 1983.

Bella Harper
Lorraine Brunning
Steven Woodcock
Joanne Campbell
Mr Thomsett
Gordon Gostelow
Liz Smith
Heather Taylor
Tim Whitnall
Alan Bowyer
David Collings
Janet Dale
Michael Lee Osborn