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Almost Grown

1 9 8 8 – 1 9 8 9 (USA)

A CBS drama series covering twenty-five years in the lifetime of a formerly married couple.

Originally from New Jersey but now living in Los Angeles, Norman (Timothy Daly) and Susie (Eve Gordon) Foley were divorced but still cared for each other and spent a lot of time together – they just couldn’t live together without fighting.

Norman, a radio station manager, often found himself in the emotional doldrums as a result of his unresolved relationship with his high school sweetheart and ex-wife, Susie, a filmmaker and the mother of his two kids – 16-year-old Anya (Ocean Hellman) and 10-year-old Jackson (Raffi Diblagio).

At such times he would pump up the volume of the stereo and blast those doldrums away.

Music was the foundation of the lives of Norman and Susie and an integral part of the show, used as the triggering device for the flashbacks which followed the couple from their teenage days in the early Sixties through their college years in the late Sixties and early Seventies, through 14 years of marriage to their present-day marital problems.

Norman’s best friend Joey (Albert Macklin) was also Susie’s brother.

Norman Foley 
Timothy Daly
Susie Long Foley 

Eve Gordon
Joan Foley 

Rita Taggart
Frank Foley 

Michael Alldredge
Vi Long 

Anita Gillette
Dick Long 

Richard Schaal
Anya Foley 

Ocean Hellman
Joey Long 

Albert Macklin
Jackson Foley 

Raffi Diblagio