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Andy Capp

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6 x 30 minute episodes

Andy Capp (James Bolam) is an out-of-work layabout who only wants to have a drink and read the racing news. He is a bully, a liar and a serial philanderer.

Andy and his long-suffering wife Flo (Paula Tilbrook) – who, as the sole breadwinner is kept working overtime to pay the bills – live at 37 Durham Street, Hartlepool.

Reg Smythe’s Andy Capp was a huge success as a cartoon strip in the Daily Mirror but never caught on in any other medium. The West End stage musical version was a flop and this short-lived TV series from Thames (written by Keith Waterhouse and running briefly in February and March 1988) was no better.

Most of the recurring characters in the comic strip appeared in the six episodes, including the Capps’ neighbours next-door over, Chalkie White (Keith Smith) and his wife Ruby (Susan Brown).

Also appearing were barman Jackie (John Arthur) at the Boilermakers’ Arms, rent-collector Percy Ritson (Keith Marsh), and the ‘milkie’ (Ian Bleasdale) making his dawn rounds as Andy came staggering home from a night on the tiles.

Andy Capp
James Bolam
Flo Capp
Paula Tilbrook
Chalkie White
Keith Smith
Ruby White
Susan Brown
John Arthur
Percy Ritson
Keith Marsh
George Waring
Andy Mulligan
Colette Stevenson
Ian Thompson
Jeremy Gittins
Kevin Lloyd
Mr Watson
Philip Lowrie
Ian Bleasdale