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Bay City Blues

1 9 8 3 (USA)
1 x 60 minute pilot
7 x 60 minute episodes

A short-lived ensemble drama which followed a minor league baseball team – the Bay City Bluebirds – from the working-class town of Bay City, California, as they travelled from town to town.


The large cast (16 or more regular characters) featured Sharon Stone (pictured at right) in one of her first featured roles as Cathy, the wife of tall, handsome left-fielder Terry St. Marie.

Terry (Patrick Cassidy) was clearly destined for the big leagues – unfortunately he also still wet the bed.

Pitcher John ‘Frenchy’ Knuckles (Perry Lang), meanwhile, was so worried about losing his stuff that he didn’t notice his wife was busy having a fling with a cable TV installer.

Practically everyone on the team wanted to get out of Bay City and into the majors, including manager Joe Rohner (Michael Nouri), who meanwhile did his best to nurture the promising young players and deal with the frustrations of the older has-beens and never-weres who were also on the team.


Joe was also enjoying a clandestine affair with Sunny (Kelly Harmon), the wife of a local banker.

Ray Holtz (Pat Corley) was the Bluebirds’ slippery owner who also ran a local used car lot. Ozzie Peoples (Bernie Casey) and Angelo Carbone (Dennis Franz) were the two coaches. Mitch Klein (Peter Jurasik) was the team’s motormouth announcer.

The team mascot, Bird (Marco Rodríguez) –  who paraded around the stands decked out as the Bluebird of Happiness – was mostly to be found propositioning young female fans.

Joe Rohner
Michael Nouri
Ray Holtz
Pat Corley
Sunny Hayward
Kelly Harmon
Frenchy Nuckles
Perry Lang
Ozzie Peoples
Bernie Casey
Terry St. Marie
Patrick Cassidy
Angelo Carbone
Dennis Franz
Lynwood Scott
Larry Flash Jenkins
Judy Nuckles
Michele Greene
Rocky Padillo
Ken Olin
Lee Jacoby
Tony Spiridakis
Deejay Cunningham
Mykelti Williamson
Vic Kresky
Jeff McCracken
Mitch Klein
Peter Jurasik
Cathy St. Marie
Sharon Stone
Lynn Holtz
Sheree North
Bird (mascot)
Marco Rodríguez
Mickey Wagner
Barry Tubb
Pepe Garcia
Eddie Velez