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You Bet!

1 9 8 8 – 1 9 9 6 (UK)

A light-hearted panel game (based on a Dutch format) in which celebrities and the studio audience placed bets on the skills of a guest enthusiast.

Originally hosted by Bruce Forsyth, then by Matthew Kelly from 1991, with Darren Day and Diane Youdale taking over for the final season, You Bet! was a showcase for the skills and talents of its many guests who attempted to perform strange, arcane, amusing or dangerous feats related to their hobbies or professions within a given time.

Could three divers put up a tent underwater, for example? How much would politician Roy Hattersley know about his favourite TV programme, Coronation Street?

Each guest was sponsored by one of the celebrity panellists and, if the guest failed in his task, the celebrity was forced to accept a forfeit.

The studio audience, meanwhile, gambled on whether the guest would make the grade. All profits were directed to charity.