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Beyond Westworld

1 9 8 0 (USA)
5 x 60 minute episodes

Debuting on 5 March 1980, this Sci-Fi drama series from CBS was a spin-off from the 1973 film Westworld.


John Moore (Jim McMullan) and Pam Williams (Connie Sellecca) are security agents for Delos, a giant corporation that creates robots for its amusement parks.

Simon Quaid (James Wainwright) is a bright scientist who has created the superhuman androids – but somewhere along the line his loyalties have changed and he embarks on a quest for world domination by replacing prominent figures with his creations.

Professor Joseph Oppenheimer (William Jordan) is Quaid’s former boss who summons Moore and Williams to help him stop the maniac Quaid and his army of robots.

The series is a direct continuation of the original film with the action taking place just a few hours later. Futureworld, the 1976 film sequel, is completely ignored.

The series failed to develop an audience and, by April 1980, the dreadful scripts and poor acting ensured Beyond Westworld took a one-way trip to oblivion after only three of the five filmed episodes had aired.

Simon Quaid 
James Wainwright
John Moore 

Jim McMullan
Pamela Williams 

Connie Sellecca
Professor Joseph Oppenheimer 

William Jordan

Severn Darden

Ann McCurry