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Bird of Prey/Bird Of Prey 2

1 9 8 2 (UK)
1 9 8 4 (UK)

Henry Jay, a quiet civil servant in his mid-30s, was working on a case of computer fraud when he, quite by chance, unearthed a massive financial conspiracy.

He decided to investigate further and, despite the close attentions of a shadowy agency known as Le Pouvoir and various bureaucratic attempts to silence him, Jay proved to be a determined detective, discovering clues that pointed to the involvement of a Euro MP by the name of Hugo Jardine.

Following the success of this four-part drama, dubbed “a thriller for the electronic age”, a sequel (imaginatively titled Bird Of Prey 2), was made in 1984. In this, Henry – now on the run with his wife, Anne – continued to expose the murky activities of Le Pouvoir.

Henry Jay
Richard Griffiths
Anne Jay
Carole Nimmons
Tony Hendersly
Jeremy Child
Charles Bridgnorth
Nigel Davenport
Harry Tompkins
Roger Sloman
Rochelle Halliday
Ann Pennington
Guido Adorni
Eddie Mineo
Hugo Jardine
Christopher Logue