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Black Silk

1 9 8 5 (UK)
8 x 50 minute episodes

Larry Scott (former Love Thy Neighbour star Rudolph Walker) was a charismatic, ambitious and sometimes arrogant barrister who divided his time between his otherwise all-white chambers and a Community Law Centre.

Larry was separated from his Jamaican wife and now in a relationship with white barrister Julie Smythe (Kika Markham).

The focus of Black Silk was on the human dimension of the stories, and many episodes featured only token sequences in court.

The series was based partly on the cases of black barrister Rudy Narayan, who acted as a technical consultant on the series, which he co-created with the celebrated Trinidadian playwright Mustapha Matura.

Larry Scott
Rudolph Walker
Julie Smythe
Kika Markham
Jasmine Scott
Suzette Llewellyn
Marjorie Scott
Mona Hammond
Pedro Ojo
Allister Bain


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