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Bold and The Beautiful, The

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The Bold and The Beautiful is one of American television’s most popular soap operas of all time.

Using the glamorous fashion industry as its background, the show centres on two very different families, both of whom have garment businesses – the upscale Forresters and the less sophisticated Spectras, who are always competing with the Forresters for top fashion honours.

Originally the series focussed on the Forrester and Logan families, but the Logans (except for Brooke) eventually faded from the spotlight. Over the years, Brooke Logan has been married to the Forresters’ eldest son, Ridge, as well as to his father, Eric, and has also been romantically involved with the Forresters’ youngest son. Thorne.

Eventually, the Spectra family’s popularity with viewers increased and they became the Foresters’ major antagonists.

The Forresters, Eric and his on-again-off-again wife, Stephanie, are played by John Cook and Susan Flannery. Clayton Norcross and then Jeff Trachta played Thorne and Ronn Moss plays Ridge.

The seductress Brooke Logan is played by Katherine Kelly Lang.

Eric Forrester
John Cook 
Stephanie Forrester 

Susan Flannery
Ridge Forrester

Ronn Moss
Thorne Forrester

Clayton Norcross (1)
Jeff Trachta (2)
Brooke Logan
Katherine Kelly Lang
Sally Spectra

Darlene Conley
Macy Spectra

Bobbie Eakes
Dr Taylor Hayes

Hunter Tylo
Grandma Logan

Lesley Woods
Caroline Forrester

Joanna Johnson
Schae Harrison