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Bottle Boys

1 9 8 4 – 1 9 8 5 (UK)
13 x 30 minute episodes

This LWT sitcom followed life on the Dawson Dairy milk round.

The team included a drunken Scot, a randy West Indian, a fusspot Welshman and an assortment of cavemen Cockneys led by Dave Deacon (Robin Askwith from the saucy Confessions movies of the 70s).

Dave thwarts suicide attempts, fights to save the ailing dairy, objects to the introduction of female ‘milkmen’, helps sell tickets to a charity concert, spends the night in the dairy to guard the depot safe, helps a woman from the Egg Marketing Board at a cookery demonstration, tries to gain promotion by winning a chicken-selling drive, fights a rival firm of milkmen, and tries desperately to get tickets for the Milk Cup final. AND delivers milk . . .

The jaunty theme tune contained such leering lyrics as, “Anyfink you’re short of darling, leave us a note”. A definite candidate for Worst Situation Comedy Of All-Time.

Dave Deacon
Robin Askwith
Billy Watson

David Auker
Jock Collins

Phil McCall
Joe Phillips

Oscar James
Wilf Foley

Leo Dolan
Stan Evans

Richard Davies
Sharon Armstrong

Eve Ferret
Mr Dawson

Patrick Newell
Joan Foster

Pam St Celement


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