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Boy Who Won the Pools, The

1 9 8 3 (UK)
10 x 25 minute episodes

17-year-old Rodney Baverstock (Michael Waterman) wins £758,000 (and 27 pence) on the football pools and with the prize money, he buys a tiger, a red Ferrari – replete with Swedish chauffeur Claudine (Sylvia Sachs), who was also a naturist – and a mansion for himself and his friends, including girlfriend Liz (Lucy Aston) and best mate Thornton (Lloyd Peters) who thought he was a robot.

He also finances the recording career of his soul singer mate Sami Tate (Vivienne McKone).

This Sunday afternoon drama series for kids was made by Television South for ITV.

Rodney Baverstock
Michael Waterman
Prince Charming
Roy Alexander
Thornton Duff
Lloyd Peters
Mr Baverstock
Don Henderson
Liz Bourne
Lucy Aston
Sylvia Sachs
Sami Tate
Vivienne McKone
Sam Beazley
David Rippey
Mr Beazley
Derek Deadman
Mrs Baverstock
Gillian Martell
Aunt Adelaide
Kathleen Moffatt
Debbie Wheeler
Mrs Bourne
Elizabeth Weaver
Mr Simmons
Anthony Ainley
Dee Horst
David Baxt