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Break In The Sun

1 9 8 1 (UK)
6 x 30 minute episodes

Based on a novel of the same name by Bernard Ashley, Break In The Sun told the story of a young girl called Patsy Bligh

Patsy (Nicola Cowper) hates her new Deptford (South London) flat and her cruel, lazy stepfather, Eddie (Brian Hall). She would rather be back with the grandmotherly Mrs Broadley (Kathleen Heath) in the little house behind the amusement park in Margate.


So Patsy runs away from home, joining a travelling acting troupe on an old boat on the Thames.

Pursued by Eddie and her portly, ginger pal Kenny Granger (Kevin Taffurelli), much of the series concerns Patsy’s attempts to stay ahead of her vicious stepfather.

She eventually turns up at Mrs Broadley’s house in Margate – where she used to live with her mother Catherine Chase) – only to find that the old lady has recently died.

Kenny finally opens Eddie’s eyes to the gruesome truth that he’s to blame for all of Patsy’s shenanigans, and the two eventually develop a mutual respect for each other.

The six episodes aired on BBC1 in winter 1981, with a repeat screening in spring 1982.

The theme music, Reflections, was by John Renbourn. It appears on his album The Guitar Of John Renbourn (1977).

Patsy Bligh
Nicola Cowper
Steve Hodson
Bob Mason
Eddie Green
Brian Hall
Kenny Granger
Kevin Taffurelli
Brian Peck
Lindsey Walker
Sylvia Green
Catherine Chase
Mark Bowler
Chip Sweeney
Mrs Granger
Patsy Rowlands
Shirley Dixon
Thomas Little
Mrs Broadley
Kathleen Heath
Peter Biddle
Sgt. Harris
Terry Cowling
Mr Lamb
Roy Spencer