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Buck James

1 9 8 7 – 1 9 8 8 (USA)

Dennis Weaver starred in this routine medical drama from ABC which resembled McCloud in a surgical gown.

Frank James, nicknamed ‘Buck’, was a dedicated, no-nonsense trauma surgeon at Holloman University Hospital in Texas.

His laconic, down-home manner and common-sense approach to the constant crises in the emergency room made him an excellent doctor – despite a certain amount of verbal sparring with newcomer Rebecca (Alberta Watson) – who was female, Jewish and from the East Coast – and hospital administrator, Henry (John Collum) – a well-meaning bureaucrat.

When Buck put on his stetson and drove home to his cattle ranch things did not go so smoothly, however.

His ex-wife Jenny (Shannon Wilcox) still loved him, but their marriage had ended in divorce due to his total dedication to his work. 22-year old daughter Dinah (Elena Stiteler) had come home unmarried and pregnant. 19-year-old son, Clint (Jon Maynard Pennell), worked at the ranch and felt alienated from his busy father.

Vittorio (Dehl Berti) was the ranch foreman, who dispensed sage advice and had become a kind of second father to Clint.

Buck James
Dennis Weaver
Jenny James
Shannon Wilcox
Dinah James
Elena Stiteler
Clint James
Jon Maynard Pennell
Dr Rebecca Meyer
Alberta Watson
Dehl Berti
Henry Carliner
John Collum
Helen Cavanaugh
Nan Martin