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Busman’s Holiday

1 9 8 5 – 1 9 9 3 (UK)

Julian Pettifer presented the occupational quiz, Busman’s Holiday, in which three teams of workers from various professions were cross-examined about each other’s jobs and answered questions about their own specialities. A general knowledge element was also thrown in.

The three teams were whittled down to one, which then collected a European or worldwide ‘Busman’s Holiday’. This saw the three members whisked away to an exotic location to see how their jobs were carried out in that part of the world.

A film was made of their experience and shown as an insert in the following week’s programme.

Contestants included the likes of seaside landladies, hovercraft pilots, policemen, antique dealers, midwives, croupiers, osteopaths and wardens of stately homes.

Pettifer was succeeded as host by Sarah Kennedy and then Elton Welsby.

Julian Pettifer
Sarah Kennedy
Elton Welsby