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Call Me Mister

1 9 8 6 (UK)
10 x 50 minute episodes

Jack Bartholomew (Steve Bisley), naturalised Aussie ex-pat and tenacious ex-cop, returns to England to stake his claim to a share of his father’s business empire but is opposed by his scheming siblings, Bridget (Haydn Gwynne) and Philip (Rupert Frazer).

While the boardroom battles rumble in the background, Jack meets wheelchair-bound private detective Fred Hurley (David Bamber) and puts his police experience to good use as Fred’s leg-man, tackling a different case each week, usually wrapping up all the loose ends in time for the arrival of Detective Sergeant McBride (Dermot Crowley).

Although Jack was a posh Englishman he had become very Australianised and was practically an alien in his home country. He had also acquired something of the Australian tendency not to conform – a willingness to take on the Establishment and question the status quo.

Critics panned the series from the start, arguing that no matter how long Jack may have been away from the UK, an aristocrat would never lose his English accent never mind adopt an Aussie one.

Jack Bartholomew
Steve Bisley
Fred Hurley
David Bamber
Julie Columbus
Dulice Liecier
Det. Sgt. McBride
Dermot Crowley
Bridget Bartholomew
Haydn Gwynne
Philip Bartholomew
Rupert Frazer