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Campbells, The

1 9 8 6 – 1 9 9 0 (Canada/UK)
100 x 30 minute epiosdes

In the early 1800s, widowed Doctor James Campbell (Malcolm Stoddard) is wrongfully accused of killing the local laird’s son with his “modern” medicine and decides to move from Scotland to Upper Canada with his three children; 17-year-old Neil (John Wildman), 15-year-old Emma (Amber Lea Weston), and 11-year-old John (Eric Richards).

Arriving in Canada, they meet friendly French-Canadian innkeeper Gabriel Legerer (Julian Poulin) and their new next-door neighbours, Captain Thomas Sims (Cedric Smith) and his daughter Rebecca (Wendy Lyon). Sims (who has designs on their farm) wants to see the Campbells take the next boat out, while Rebecca – who is Neil’s age – hopes they will stay.

The Campbells was a co-production between Canadian Television (CTV), Scottish Television and Fremantle International.

Dr James Campbell
Malcolm Stoddard
Neil Campbell
John Wildman
Emma Campbell
Amber Lea Weston
John Campbell
Eric Richards
Captain Thomas Sims
Cedric Smith
Rebecca Sims
Wendy Lyon
Gabriel Legerer
Julian Poulin
Mary McTavish
Rosemary Dunsmore
Charlotte Logan
Barbara Kyle
Thomas Logan
Thomas Anderson-Barker