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Care Bears

1 9 8 5 – 1 9 8 8 (USA)

Open your heart to find Care-A-Lot
A cotton candy dream
A land of warm and gentle thoughts
of pastel clouds and things

The Care Bears live in their sky dwelling of Care-A-Lot, spreading joy and light throughout the world. And they give special attention to those who particularly need affection, like orphans Kim and Jason.


But Evil Spirit does not approve of all this sweetness and kindness, so with the help of a lost, lonely little boy named Nicholas, he launches a nefarious plot to rob the world of love.

Down go the numbers on the Care-o-meter. And down to the Forest of Feelings go the Bears, ready to battle Evil Spirit and make the world safe for happiness and good feelings once again.

The Care Bears were originally created in 1981, with the initial ten characters designed for greetings cards. Toys, television and a movie soon followed, and the Care Bears became one of the biggest and most-loved toys of the Eighties.