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Cassie and Company

1 9 8 2 (USA)
13 x 60 minute episodes

Former Police Woman star Angie Dickinson starred in this NBC crime drama series as ex-cop and criminologist turned private detective, Cassie (short for Cassidy) Holland.

Cassie bought her Los Angeles-based detective agency from Lyman Shackelford (John Ireland) and good ol’ “Shack” was often on hand to provide Cassie with help and advice.

Meryl Fox (Dori Brenner) was Cassie’s secretary and Mike Holland (Alex Cord) was her District Attorney ex-husband.

Benny Silva (A Martinez), the part owner of the Silva and Gould Gym, also worked as Cassie’s legman. Eddie (Joshua Shelley) was her information man and Bertha Crabbe (Anne Ramsey) was her contact at the police department.

Cassidy ‘Cassie’ Holland 
Angie Dickinson
Lyman ‘Shack’ Shackelford 

John Ireland
Meryl Fox

Dori Brenner
Benny Silva

A Martinez
DA Mike Holland 

Alex Cord
Joshua Shelley
Bertha Crabbe
Anne Ramsey