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1 9 8 5 (France)

The “French Dallas” starred the rich and powerful Berg family who lived at La Commanderie on the banks of the Loire at Châteauvallon.

Antonin Berg
Jean Davy
Jean-Jacques Berg
Pierre Hatet
Florence Berg
Chantal Nobel
Thérèse Berg
Sylvie Fennec
Julien Berg
Vincent Gauthier
Malka Ribowska
Marie-Lou Berg
Marie Keime
Philippe Berg
Philippe Rouleau
Armand Berg
Denis Savignat
Luc Merenda
Gilbert Bossis
Georges Marchal
Évelyne Dandry
Albertas Kovalic
Raymond Pellegrin
Georges Quentin
François Perrot
Catherine Kovalic
Sylvia Zerbib