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1 9 8 3 (UK)
6 x 30 minute episodes

Bernard Cribbins starred as the scruffy, mischievous tinker who lived in discomfort in a shabby caravan in the fictional, picture-postcard Hertfordshire village of Shillingbury (the series was a spin-off from comedy-drama series Shillingbury Tales).

Cuffy was the centre of attention as he moped around Shillingbury with a permanently grubby coat, flat cap and stubble – although, underneath it all, he had a heart of gold.

Other Shillingbury Tales cast members reprising earlier roles included Jack Douglas as farmer Jake, Linda Hayden as his sexy young daughter Mandy, Diana King as busybody Mrs Simpkins, and Nigel Lambert as the Reverend Norris.

The character of Cuffy was created by Bob Monkhouse although he had no involvement in the series. Cuffy the series was written by producer/director/writer Francis Essex, best known for bringing The Muppet Show to British TV but also a noted composer whose themes include Follyfoot’s celebrated The Lightning Tree (as Steven Francis).

Bernard Cribbins
Jake Smith

Jack Douglas
Mandy Smith

Linda Hayden
Mrs Simkins

Diana King 
Reverend Norris

Nigel Lambert
Gareth Hunt