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Cutter to Houston

1 9 8 3 (USA)
9 x 60 minute episodes

Surgeon Beth Gilbert (Shelley Hack) hates it. General Practitioner Dr Andy Fenton (Jim Metzler) likes it just fine. And intern Dr Hal Wexler (a young Alec Baldwin) hasn’t quite made up his mind.

But like it or not, these three MDs are the core of a small hospital in Cutter (population 5231), a town in the Texas boonies.

Dr Beth Gilbert wanted to do heart surgery in Houston – “and I find myself doing hernias and hammertoes in Dogpatch”.

Andy Fenton grew up in Cutter and he’s glad to be back. Hal Wexler, convicted of writing unnecessary prescriptions, is on probation in Cutter, but this rural town has certain compensations for him – like beautiful Texas cowgirls.

Even if it’s not St Elsewhere, the hospital – with its computer hookup to Houston Medical Center – has enough drama to keep them busy, such as Saturday night brawls at the Tin Star Saloon, a man who bursts into the operating room brandishing a revolver, and a redneck giant who threatens to rearrange Dr Wexler’s anatomy if the Doc doesn’t stay away from that purty li’l Texas cowgirl who happens to be his sister.

The CBS series was very short-lived, lasting just nine episodes.

Dr Andy Fenton
Jim Metzler
Dr Hal Wexler
Alec Baldwin
Dr Beth Gilbert
Shelley Hack
Connie Buford
K Callan
Nurse Patty Alvarez
Susan Saldivar
Mayor Warren Jarvis
Noble Willingham