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Dead Ernest

1 9 8 2 (UK)
7 x 30 minute episodes

This Granada comedy was developed as a vehicle for Andrew Sachs (who was a hot property at the time following his portrayal of Spanish waiter, Manuel in Fawlty Towers).

Mild-mannered Swindon teacher Ernest Springer (Sachs) accidentally dies while celebrating a big win on the football pools in a hotel room with a blonde model (Miss North Sea Oil) – the champagne cork hits him between the eyes and kills him.

He goes to Heaven (British section), is reunited with his parents – and meets famous people including Mozart (Hilton McRae), Schubert (Simon Chandler) and Beethoven (Robert Putt) – but refuses to accept his predicament and demands to be sent back to Earth so he can enjoy his winnings.

The powers-that-be agree there has been an administrative mistake and decide to return Ernest, but unfortunately, his body has already been cremated. And so he is stuck in a G-Plan Heaven that functions like the Civil Service . . .

Other characters in heaven included Archangel Derek (Ken Jones), Archangel Doreen (Janet Rawson) and Cherub Fred (Harry Fowler). John Le Mesurier guested in an episode as the Head of Plagues.

Only seven episodes were made.

Ernest Springer
Andrew Sachs
Archangel Derek
Ken Jones
Cherub Fred
Harry Fowler
Archangel Doreen
Janet Rawson
Edna Springer
Zena Walker